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1. How does Wilson describe the “colonial mind”? Belief that because British politicians were corrupt the English constitution was in a debate, belief in high rights, life, liberty and property a war of ideology not economics. 2. What are unalienable rights? Rights that people have simply because they are people. 3. What does Wilson mean by the real revolution? It involved more than just economics and trade, it eventually changed the world. 4. What were the Articles of Confederation and what were their problems? It created a little more than a “league of friendship.” Some problems it had were it couldn’t regulate or levy taxes, it couldn’t finance the army and there was no national judicial system. 5. What was the original purpose of the Constitutional Convention of 1787? it was to revise the articles of confederation to try and fix its problems. 6. What role did the state constitutions play in the Constitutional Convention? They tried to avoid problem s of things that were not working in the United States. 7. What were the lessons from Shay’s rebellion? I showed how ineffective the constitution was. 8. How does Wilson characterize the framers of the Constitution? They were young but experienced, George Washington was tall, athletic man who was the best horseman in VA. And he impressed everyone with his dignity despite decaying teeth and big eyes. James Madison was the opposite of Washington, he was quite short with a frail body, and not much of an anorator but possessed of one of the best minds in the country. Benjamin Franklin was the mos...

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