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Mission Statement
As more than 95 per cent of the total freight trade of
Pakistan is seaborne, the overall objective of the
Ministry of Ports and Shipping includes
modernization and corporatization of Ports and
Shipping with a view to introducing landlord
concept in Ports, rationalizing Ports’ tariffs in order
to be competitive in the region, introducing modern
technology and data base in line with the present
day trends, reviving ship-owning in the private
sector by removing the impediments, and enhancing
tonnage and profitability of Pakistan National
Shipping Corporation.

There are three major Seaports and
one National Shipping Corporation in
Karachi Port
Port Muhammad Bin Qasim
Gwadar Port (under construction)
Pakistan National Shipping

Karachi Port is the premier port of
Pakistan and handles about 75% of
the entire national trade. It is a
deep natural port with 11 km long
approach channel to provide safe
navigation to tankers up to 75,000
DWT tankers, modern container
vessels, bulk carriers and general
cargo ships. The port has 30 dry
cargo berths including two
container terminals and three
liquid cargo-handling berths

Karachi Port is handling about
14.0 million tons of liquid cargo
and 12 million tons of dry general
cargo, including 738,000 TEUs
containers. The total port area is
100 hectares and an additional 60
hectares is available in close
proximity of the port for storage
of goods.

Keeping in view the port facilities ,
change in Maritime Transp...

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