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Is It Right For Government Essay

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‘Is it right for Government’s to monitor individuals internet and email use in the interest of national security’.

At first it looks wrong for the government to monitor individuals internet activities mainly because we have the right to our privacy, but then it adds on “in the interest of national security”, this puts the reader in a difficult position for a number of reasons, one of these reasons include; by looking at suspects data the government can protect citizens who may have been in danger in the first place, and another reason could be that through collecting data on individuals the government can determine what’s safe and acceptable in their country to keep the people safe.

There’s has been a number of people who have fought against the government because of this statement, such examples are Julian Assange, Edward Snowden. Julian Assange is the founder of WikiLeaks, in other words he and others under him leaked government information, including military information and also diplomatic information, ever since he leaked details provided by Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange has been under investigation by the US government, but he took refuge at the Embassy of Ecuador in London after he was granted poli...

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