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American Government Essay

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Section 1
What is government and its purpose?
-The institution that allows a society to make and enforce public policies -3 basic powers: legislative-makes laws, executive: enforce laws, judicial:interprets laws

Basic types of government
-dictatorship: all powers are held by one person or group
-democracy: authority lied with the people
-U.S. government gives executive power to president, legislative to congress and judicial to Supreme Court

The State
-Main unit of government in the world today
-More than 200 states, varying greatly in size, population and power -A state is not strictly the same thing as a nation (which refers to large groups of people) or a country (which refers to a particular region). -Civil rights movement: Black Panther: group of african american protesters that used militant force for advancement in african american rights -Every state has four basic characteristics: population, territory, sovereignty and a government

Population and Territory
-Every state has a population, whether large or small, diverse or homogenous -A state must have territory, land wi...

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