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E Government In Japan Essay

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This chapter is about Japanese policy in e-government since 1994. How Japan advanced information and telecommunication. This chapter discusses that a strong effort is needed to implement comprehensive policies as it is very difficult to make all agencies and all sectors of society to agree upon one decision. Modern history of japans it policy and strategies:

The 1990s
In august to 1994 telecommunication society promotion headquarters by Japanese cabinet and chaired by then prime minister Murayama. This was the first step towards the Japanese version of the Information Superhighway Initiative. There was a lot of competition between ministries for the leadership of the headquarters. In fiscal year 1995 budget requests the two ministries, ministry of posts and telecommunications and ministry of International trade and Industry took part for expend for information infrastructure development. To promote it introduction the government set a panel of 12 experts on August 31, 1994. Policy was declared on February 21, 1995 and separate MPT and MITI proposals were given. The prime minister and chairman of headquarter was replaced by MITI Minister Hashimoto. He recognized 23 major c central government agencies into 13 agencies. He said that the development of information and telecommunication is a very important strategic challenge for Japan. In autumn of 1997 the headquarters launched a panel on electronic commerce on June 18, 1998 it released a report on Japan’s effort for promotion of electronic commerce. The report concluded that it is difficult to move all government agencies together to make sufficient efforts and private sector also hesitate to fully introduce e-commerce. A 5-year plan from fiscal year 1995 for promotion of Digitization of Administration was introduced on December 25, 1994. Under the plan government implement measures for digitized procedures. In fiscal year 1997 digitization covered 15.56% of the total of 8,822 application and reporting procedures which rose to 24.71%. Government launched WAN wide area network and LAN local area network. The new plan consisted of internet for providing administrative information, electronic document management, advanced utilization of government agency LANS and Kasumigaseki WAN to link local government and public corporations together. In 1990s number of initiative were taken for example first Y2K computer problem, for which an action plan was taken on September 11, 1998. Y2K problem attracted global attention and was key topic of Birmingham Group Of eight Summit and Japan-United states summit. The government developed another action plan for advanced information and telecommunications society promotion it was adopted on April 16, 1999. It provided funding for full fledged diffusion of e-commerce, computerization of the public sector, improvement of information literacy and development of an advanced information and telecommunication infrastructure. The ...

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