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Government Regulation Obesity Essay

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Chris DeWitt

Mrs. Hastings

College Prep II

6 October 2014

Government Regulation of Sugar

"Science shows that too much sugar-i.e., the amount consumed by the average American-leads to high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, fatty liver, insulin resistance and pancreatitis" (Schmidt). Obesity is a rapidly growing problem in America, and sugars being so prevalent in the American diet could be to blame for this. Consequently, a growing group of people in America are beginning to believe that the government should regulate unhealthy foods such as sugar to help combat obesity. Many Americans believe that since sugar-saturated and other unhealthy foods are so cheap and widely available, the government should intervene to help make these products less widely available and promote healthier food options. Although, as with any issue, there are also people against government regulation of sugar who believe that this regulation would be negative, and limit our personal rights. What the people against regulation don't realize is that there are many ways for the government to regulate sugars foods without overstepping their bounds. Government regulation of foods perceived as bad for health such as sugar would be a positive move for America, but the key is in moderation of these regulatory strategies. Too much government interference could infringe on the rights of Americans.

While many people support the idea of government regulation of these sugary foods, there are also people who claim that this regulation will infringe on our rights and then limit our choices in foods, and be ineffective toward fighting obesity. While this is partially true, there are plenty of ways for the government to regulate sugary foods without going too far, which will result in effectively fighting obesity. Michael Marlow and Sherzod Abdukadirov say that when the government steps in "Unfortunately, citizens have little choice but to pay higher taxes and obey laws ...

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