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Physician Assisted suicide seems like an oxymoron at first glance. The common perception is that doctors assist people in health and sustaining life, not ending it. Should doctors be allowed to prescribe a patient medicine that will kill them, so they can die in peace? There are currently five states in the U.S. that support the idea of physician-assisted suicide. The support of this idea started in Oregon, when the people, of that state, voted for it to be legalized. After Oregon came the state of Washington. The states that followed Oregon and Washington, in this charge, were Montana, New Mexico, and Vermont. I believe I can give strong reasons why physician-assisted suicide should not be restricted. Currently, brutally killing yourself is not illegal anywhere, doctors are legally killing their patients in every state and having a plan to end your life could be a great value to the loved ones you leave behind. Why not make it legal in every state? In order for someone to have a physician-assisted suicide the...

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