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The Evolving Role Of Government In Essay

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The Evolving Role of Government in Education
Latoya T Bond

The Evolving Role of Government in Education
Most school age children in the United States receive their education through the public school system. There are several components that must come together in unison in order for the US public schools to operate at maximum potential. Strong arguments can be made as to which of the components are most important. Many people believe that the most important components are; funding, and teachers. A free and public education is a constitutional right of all children in the U.S., even non citizens, and it is the responsibility of each state to ensure that all these children receive an adequate, competitive and free education. Curriculum, funding, teaching, and policies are set on a state to state basis. Educational standards, budgets, and standardize testing are also created on a state wide basis through state legislature, which is then funneled to locally elected school boards across the state for fine tuning. The federal government plays a small part in the operation of public schools; however, the federal government’s role is extremely important becaus...

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