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How Successful Was The Liberal Government Essay

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How Successful was the Liberal government in dealing with the constitutional crisis of 1909-11?

In 1909 Lloyd George needed to find £15 million of extra revenue to provide for the new social services and for the construction of naval warships, to do this the budget had to be passed. It was not easy for Lloyd George to finance social reforms because OAPs which were introduced in 1908, cost £2m p.a., more than had been estimated. Also there was a trade recession and rising unemployment, so government revenues were falling as fewer taxes were being paid. Britain had to build more dreadnoughts as the naval arms race with Germany was intensifying, and fears grew that the German Navy would overtake the Royal Navy. Conservative opposition called for the building of more dreadnoughts with the slogan; ‘We want eight and we won’t wait’. Liberal party also wanted to reduce the Lords power as the Liberal social reforms were being sabotaged in the House of Lords were the Conservatives had a 5:1 majority.

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